From Marmalade to Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Bubblegum updated 19-7-2003

circa 1967
Godley & Creme
c/w Bull In A China Shop
Unreleased - Test press only exist?
circa 1967
Godley & Creme
Unreleased - Acetate exist
circa 1967
Goodnight Blinkers
Jun. 1967
Yellow Bellow Room Boom
CBS 3205

Marmalade Era
Sep. 1969
Frabjoy & Runcible Spoon
Sep. 1969
Graham Gouldman
The Late Mr.Late
Contained by "Marmalade 100 Proof"
Sep. 1969
Kevin Godley
To Fly Away

Kasenetz-Katz Sessions
Jul. 1969Ohio Express Sausalito (Is The Place To Go)
c/w Make Love Not War
BUDDAH 201065

Ohio ExpressTampa, FloridaBUDDAH BDA 171 (USA)
May 1970Crazy Elephant There Ain't No Umbopo
c/w Land Rover
BELL 875 (USA)
Aug. 1970Doctor Father Umbopo
c/w Roll On
PYE 7N 17977
Feb. 1971Silver Fleet Come On Plane
c/w Look Out World
UNI 55271
Mar. 1971Fighter Squadron When He Comes
c/w Ah-La
BELL 966 (USA)
Apr. 1971Freddie & The Dreamers Susan's Tuba
c/w You Hurt Me Girl
PHILIPS 6006 098

Strawberry Jam
Mar. 1970Dave Berry Change Our Minds
c/w Long Walk To D.C.
DECCA F 12999
Aug. 1970Peter Cowap Crickets
c/w Wicked Melinda
PYE 7N 17976
Oct. 1970Dave Berry Chaplin House
c/w Trees
DECCA F 13080
Oct. 1970Amazon Trust Run Baby Run
c/w Sheila Bee
POLYDOR 2001 103
Nov. 1970John Paul Joans The Man From Nazareth
c/w Got To Get Together Now
RAK 101
Dec. 1970Leslie Crowther Santa Claus
PYE 7N 45020

Feb. 1971The New Wave Band Cecilia
c/w Free Free Free
Mar. 1971Eric Elder San Tokay
c/w Sunflower
PHILIPS 6006 081
Mar. 1971Peter Cowap The Man With The Golden Gun
c/w Tampa, Florida
PYE 7N 45042
Apr. 1971Greenfield Sweet America
c/w Dorothy's Daughter
PHILIPS 6113 002
Jun. 1971Peter Cowap Safari
c/w Oh Soloman
PHILIPS 6113 001
Jun. 1971Ramases Balloon
c/w Muddy Water
PHILIPS 6113 001
Aug. 1971RamasesSpace Hymns (LP)VERTIGO 6360 046
Oct. 1971Jeff Smith Going To A Party
c/w Gypsy In My Blood
RAK 120
Nov. 1971The Hermits She's A Lady (Say What You Want To Say)
c/w Gold Mandela
RCA 2135
Dec. 1971Ramases Jesus Come Back
c/w Hello Mister
PHILIPS 6113 003
circa 1971Mike TimoneyThe Astounding Sound Of The Cordovox (LP)CONTOUR 2870 113
circa 1971Neil SedakaSolitaire (LP)RCA SF 8324

Jan. 1972Garden Odyssey The Joker
c/w Have You Ever Been To Georgia
Jan. 1972Tristar Airbus Willie Morgan
c/w Travellin' Man
RCA 2170
Mar. 1972Peter Noone Shoo-Bee-Doo-Ah
c/w Because You're There
RAK 129
Apr. 1972Everton Football Club For Ever Ever-Ton
c/w March Of The Gwladys Street Gladiators
PHILIPS 6006 253
Apr. 1972Manchester City F. C. Boys In Blue
c/w Funky City
RCA 2200
May 1972Leeds United Football Team Leeds United
c/w Leeds Leeds Leeds
May 1972Susan Maughan Everybody Sing
I've Gotta Guy
circa 1972Lancashire County Cricket Team Red Rose
c/w The Twelfth Man / Ballad Of David Hughes
PYE 7N 45165
Jul. 1972Solomon King When You've Gotta Go
c/w Life Child
POLYDOR 2058 258
Sep. 1972The Hermits The Man
c/w Effen Curly
RCA 2265
Sep. 1972Neil Sedaka Beautiful You
c/w Anywhere You're Gonna Be
RCA 2269
Oct. 1972Festival Today
c/w Warm Me
RCA 2275

Jan. 1973Neil Sedaka That's When The Music Takes Me
c/w Don't Let It Mess Your Mind
RCA 2310
May 1973Wayne Fontana Together
c/w One Man Woman
Warner K 16269
May 1973Neil Sedaka Standing On The Inside
c/w Let Daddy Know
MGM 2006 267
May 1973Suzette Thinking About You And Me
c/w Mama Banana
EMI 2029
Jun. 1973Grumble Da Doo Ron Ron
c/w Pig Bin An' Gone
RCA 2384
Jun. 1973Rubber Duckie Teenager In Love
c/w Lark
EMI 2037
Aug. 1973Neil Sedaka Dimbo Man
c/w Trying To Say Goodbye
RCA 2366
Aug. 1973Neil Sedaka Our Last Song Together
c/w I Don't Know What I Like About You
MGM 2006 307
Aug. 1973Friday Brown A Groovy Kind Of Love
c/w Salford
PHILIPS 6006 324
circa 1973Lol Naughty Nola
c/w Bumbler
circa 1973Zakatek I Gotcha Now
c/w So Good To You
BELL 1289
circa 1973Neil SedakaThe Tra-La Days Are Over (LP)MGM 2315 248
May 1974Scaffold Liverpool Lou
c/w Ten Years After On Strawberry Jam
WARNER K 16400
circa 1974Annette & Victor BroxRollin' Back (LP)SONET SNTF 663
circa 1975ScaffoldSold Out (LP)WARNER K 56097
Sep. 1975Justin Hayward & John Lodge Blue Guitar
c/w When You Wake Up
Jul. 1977John Lees Child Of The Universe
c/w Kes (A Major Fancy)
circa 1977John LeesA Major Fancy (LP)HARVEST SHSM 2018

1.Sausalito (Is The Place To Go) - Ohio Express
2.Come On Plane - Silver Fleet
3.Tampa, Florida - Peter Cowap
4.Have You Ever Been To Georgia? - Garden Odyssey
5.Travellin' Man - Tristar Airbus
6.Crickets - Peter Cowap
7.Susan's Tuba - Freddie & The Dreamers
8.Today - Festival
9.Umbopo - Doctor Father
10.Safari - Peter Cowap
11.Da Doo Ron Ron - Grumble
12.The Joker - Garden Odyssey
13.Funky City - Manchester City F.C.
14.The Man With The Golden Gun - Peter Cowap
15.When He Comes - Fighter Squadron
16.Roll On - Doctor Father
17.Wicked Melinda - Peter Cowap
18.Willie Morgan - Tristar Airbus
19.Pig Bin An' Gone - Grumble
20.Warm Me - Festival
21.Oh Soloman - Peter Cowap
22.Boys In Blue - Manchester City F.C.
23.There Ain't No Umbopo - Crazy Elephant
Hidden trackF Santa Clause@|@Leslie Crowther