Graham Gouldman Compositions 2

Part 1: Pre-10cc Era (1965-1972)
Part 2: 10cc Era (1972-1983)
Part 3: Post-10cc Era (1984 - Present)

Part 2: 10cc Era (1972-1983)
Aug. 1972Hot Sun Rock10ccco-written with ES
Oct. 1972Warm MeFestivalco-written with ES
Nov. 1972Johnny, Don't Do It10ccco-written with KG, LC
May 1973TogetherWayne Fontana
May 1973Mama BananaSuzetteco-written with KG, LC, St. Claire
Jun. 1973Pig Bin An' GoneGrumbleco-written with ES, KG, LC
Jun. 1973LarkRubber Duckieco-written with ES, KG, LC
Mar. 1973Rubber Bullets10ccco-written with KG, LC
Waterfallco-written with ES
Jul. 1973Headline Hustler10ccco-written with ES
Speed Killsco-written with ES, KG, LC
Ships Don't Disappear In The Nightco-written with ES
Aug. 1973Bee In My Bonnet10ccco-written with ES
Jan. 1974The Worst Band In The World10ccco-written with LC
18 carat man of meansco-written with ES, KG, LC
May 1974The Wall Street Shuffle10ccco-written with ES
Gismo My Wayco-written with ES, KG, LC
May 1974Baron Samedi10ccco-written with ES
The Sacro-Iliacco-written with KG
Mar. 1975Channel Swimmer10ccco-written with ES
Mar. 1975I'm Not In Love 10ccco-written with ES
Blackmailco-written with ES
The Second Sitting For The Last Supper co-written with ES, KG, LC
Flying Junkco-written with ES
Nov. 1975Art For Art's Sake10ccco-written with ES
Get It While You Can
Jan. 1976I Wanna Rule The World10ccco-written with KG, LC
I'm Mandy Fly Meco-written with ES, LC
Icebergco-written with KG
Rock'n'Roll Lullabyco-written with ES
Dec. 1976The Things We Do For Love10ccco-written with ES
Hot To Trot
Mar. 1977Good Morning Judge10ccco-written with ES
Marriage Bureau Rendezvous
People In Love
Modern Man Blues
Honeymoon With B Troop
I Bought A Flat Guitar Tutor
You've Got A Cold
Feel The Benefit
Apr. 1977Don't Squeeze Me Like Toothpaste10ccco-written with ES
Jun. 1977I'm So Laid Back I'm Laid Out10ccco-written with ES
1977Goin' Down The RoadFurrco-written w/Kasenetz−Katz
Wow Yeah
Jul. 1978Dreadlock Holiday10ccco-written with ES
Nothing Can Move Me
Sep. 1978 For You And I
Take These Chains
The Anonymous Alcoholic
10ccco-written with ES
Last Nightco-written with Rick Fenn
Life Line
From Rochdale To Ocho Rios

May 1979SunburnGraham GouldmanMercury SUNNY 1
Think About It
1980Foolin' AroundBilly C. Farlow & His Band
Feb. 1980One-Two-Five10ccco-written with ES
Only Child
Mar. 1980Love's Not For Me (Rene's Song)Graham Gouldman
Bionic Boar
Apr. 1980Go For ItGraham Gouldman
Underwater Fantasy
Away From It All
Born To Lose
Kit Mambo
With You I Can Run Forever
We've Made It To The Top
Apr. 1980How'm I Ever Gonna Say Goodbye10ccco-written with Rick Fenn
It Doesn't Matter At All
Dressed To Kill
Lovers Anonymous
Strange Lover
L.A. Inflatable
co-written with ES
I Hate To Eat Alone
Oct, 1981Tomorrow's World Today10cc
Nov. 1981 Don't Ask
Lying Here With You
Overdraft In Overdrive
Notell Hotel
Action Man In A Motown Suit
Listen With Your Eyes
co-written with ES
Mar. 1982The Power Of Love10ccco-written with ES, AG
Jul. 1982Runaway10ccco-written with ES, AG
Oct. 1982We've Heard It All Before10ccco-written with ES, AG
Apr. 198324 Hours10ccco-written with ES
Sep. 1983Feel The Love (Oomachasaooma)10ccco-written with ES
She Give Me Pain
Oct. 1983 Yes, I am
Americana Panorama
City Lights
Food For Thought
Working Girls
Taxi! Taxi!
10ccco-written with ES
Dec. 1983The Secret Life Of Henry10ccco-written with ES

Warm Me
Oct. 6, 1972

RCA 2275
co-written with ES
詳細はStrawberry Jamの項で(画像をクリックすると移動します)。

Wayne Fontana
May 1973

Wayne Fontanaとしては3作目となるGouldman作品。
詳細はStrawberry Jamの項で(画像をクリックすると移動します)。

Mama Banana
May 25, 1973

「Thinking About You And Me」のB面。作曲クレジットはGodley/Gouldman/Creme/St. Claire。
詳細はStrawberry Jamの項で(画像をクリックすると移動します)。

Pig Bin An' Gone
Jun. 1973

co-written with ES, KG, LC
詳細はStrawberry Jamの項で(画像をクリックすると移動します)。

Rubber Duckie
Jun. 1973

EMI 2037
co-written with ES, KG, LC
詳細はStrawberry Jamの項で(画像をクリックすると移動します)。

Goin' Down The Road
Wow Yeah


Foolin' Around
Billy C. Farlow & His Band